Eyes Wide Shut in Ukraine by Cole Thompson

John and Jack welcome back Cole Thompson to the show.  Cole recently sent out a mailing with a collection of images in it, all centered around the people of Ukraine. With his images and words, we were moved by his expression and wanted to have him on the show to talk about this body of work.

The collection of images is titled Eyes Wide Shut and is a group of images of everyday Ukrainians with their eyes closed.  Cole realized that when you normally ask someone to take their picture, they smile big and put on a “camera face”, showing only what they want you to see.  One way he was able to get folks to drop the camera face was by asking them to close their eyes, which they did!  Most did not speak english, so this was accomplished with lots of sign language and gesturing.  Eventually he came away with a body of work, both poignant and beautiful, that is doubly impactful these days with the war going on.

Read the article HERE:

We encourage you to check out Coles website at ColeThompsonPhotography.com

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