Photographing the Palouse

Jack and John are on location in the Palouse area of Eastern Washington for this “on location podcast”.  Just finishing up a workshop, they discuss what it’s like to photograph this amazing area and give some tips and strategies for maximizing a visit here.  Vast wheat fields, old barns and homesteads and even some wildlife, this area is rich with photographic opportunities from the grand landscapes to intimate details as well as abstracts.  Give a listen as they tell you all about it.








The We Talk Photo podcast is dedicated to being an entertaining, informative and lighthearted discussion about a wide range of photographic topics centered around landscape and nature photography.  Hosted by Jack Graham and John Pedersen, long time industry professionals, they will bring you in to their conversations about gear, recent trends, insightful interviews with industry leaders as well as entertaining stories from their collective experience in the photography business.