Post Processing Workflow

In this episode John and Jack respond to some listener feedback to dive deeper in to the topic of workflow. Specifically, they walk through their post-processing workflow and how they work through the order of when to do what when processing an image. As they discuss, how an image is processed is unique to each photographer and it is an area where each persons artistic vision can shine.  The information they share is specific to them, merely shared as a discussion point, not as a fact or “the” way to process an image.  There are many great software tools out there and so many different ways to achieve quality results……what matters in the end is how the image looks, not how you got there.


Jack hard at work on location in Bandon OR

Processing Information Discussed

  • Keyword your images right when you import them.  Extremely beneficial for finding images as your catalog grows.
  • You can look at processing at 3 levels; Global Adjustments, Regional Adjustments, Targeted Adjustments

Johns Processing Workflow

  • White balance evaluation/adjustment
  • Noise reduction
  • Clean-Up
  • Exposure balancing
  • Color
  • Punch
  • Light shaping
  • Creative treatment
  • Re-visit exposure/color
  • Selective sharpening
  • Vignette
  • Save master file (psd or tiff)
  • Sharpen & size for specific outputs/uses
  • Save as jpeg

If you want more information about each step,  please send us an email at

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