Interview with Stacey Moore from Fujifilm North America Corporation

This episode features a special interview with Stacey Moore, the Field Marketing Manager at FUJIFILM North American Corporation, based in Atlanta GA.  Stacey likes to say that she is a “bridge from the technical to the usable” as she is one of the key interfaces between the engineers and the creative users of Fujifilm imaging products.  Stacey recently celebrated 25 years with the company!  Though she’s had many different positions in different divisions of Fujifilm, her current role in EID (Electronic Imaging Division), is presently her favorite because she is helping to remove obstacles in the creative process.

Jack and John dive into many topics with Stacey about the Fujifilm philosophy and how they are committed to the customer using a human touch, Fujifilms Kaizen approach to releasing firmware updates to improve and prolong the usefulness of each camera and lens and they discuss some exciting new product releases coming up.  Spend an entertaining hour with the gang to learn more about Fujifilm and why they are so successful and committed to their customers with some of the best products available.

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