Jack and John discussion on Thinking in Photography

Join Jack and John for a quick update on what they’ve been up to for the past few months as well as a longer discussion about the role of “thinking” in photography and how it may affect ones ability to work creatively.  This is the busy workshop season for both of them, having recently been together in Monument Valley/Canyon de Chelley.  In a couple of weeks they will meet up again in the Eastern Sierras to lead a group photographing the Fall color in the area.

Jacks Presentation to the Northwest Camera Council of Camera Clubs: https://nwcameraclubs.org/

Jacks Macro Abstract Workshop: https://pacificnorthwestartschool.org/product/graham-jack-6328-abstract-macro-photography-november-13-15/

Johns Teton Winter Workshop: https://johnpedersenphoto.com/event/tetons-in-winter-2/

Jack graham and john pedersen in the forest

The We Talk Photo podcast is dedicated to being an entertaining, informative and lighthearted discussion about a wide range of photographic topics centered around landscape and nature photography.  Hosted by Jack Graham and John Pedersen, long time industry professionals, they will bring you in to their conversations about gear, recent trends, insightful interviews with industry leaders as well as entertaining stories from their collective experience in the photography business