Travel Photographer Ignacio Palacios

Jack and John welcome to the program Ignacio Palacios all the way from Sydney Australia. Ignacios is a renowned travel photographer who has been refining his craft and vision for the past 25 years as he has travelled the world documenting the landscapes, animals and people in over 100 countries.  Listen in as they discuss his travels, what inspires him and his prolific body of work that has a unique and beautiful quality in every single image.

Ignacio’s Website:

A brief bio of Ignacio

I am a freelance travel and nature photographer from Spain who has had the privilege of travelling around the world since 1998 collecting an extensive and hopefully strong set of images of people, places, wildlife and landscapes across more than ninety countries in all continents. It was during this first round the world trip, and particularly in India where I learned to watch and wait for life. All good photos start with a great journey, and journeys open the heart, the mind and the eyes. During this fourth trip to India I got really inspired and made the decision to pursue a career as a travel photographer and follow in the footsteps of three generations of photographers in my family. Since that trip, I have been drawn back to Asia again and again, lured by its people, architecture, temples, ceremonies, festivals, its colours and smells.

In 2016, I was also given the great honor of being announced as a Master of Photography by the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography). I am extremely proud to have achieved this honour after a number of years working towards it. In 2018 I obtained my first Gold Bar (double Masters).

photo by Ignacio Palacios

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