Interview with Erwin Buske

Jack and John welcome the fantastic PNW photographer Erwin Buske to the show.  Listen in as we talk about landscape and nature photography with someone who has been passionately pursuing amazing images from around the world.

Artist Statement

As a photographer I am both a witness and interpreter of nature. My goal is to capture the essence of the landscape through the lens of my inner vision.  The canvas for my image is nature.  There is nothing that stands between me and Portrait of photographer Erwin Buskenature and the starting point for my images is the direct experience of nature.  Taking the path less traveled does help in the creation of unique images, but even more important is bringing who I am as a person to my images.  This includes my emotions and thoughts, both at  the time of capture and also while processing the image.  Success in photography, finding my own vision, is the integration of my direct experience with nature with who I am as a person, my authentic self.  If the resulting images also resonate with others who share in my vision, then I have created photographic art.


Erwins Website:


Erwin Buske photograph

Erwin Buske photograph

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