Interview with Dimitri Vasileiou from Landscape Photography Magazine

Jack and John talk with our good friend Dimitri Vasileiou, the founder and publisher of Landscape Photography Magazine.   Listen in as we talk about the photo magazine business as well as many photo related topics.  A lively discussion amidst the pandemic and how that has impact photography in general as well as the popularity of Landscape Photography Magazine as people are home much more than usual.


Dimitris Bio

I was born in Greece but moved to Scotland in 1997. Coming from a warm climate, my first impressions were how wet this country was! Needless to say that my first impression of Scotland simply being one big puddle of dampness Portrait of Dimitri Vasileiouevaporated like dew drops in the morning sun, as soon as I started visiting the highlands. I was totally overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of Northern Scotland and this, in return, led me to rediscover my fascination with photography.

Like many other photographers I realised that, after starting a family I no longer had the time needed to devote to photography, but this eventually began to change as my children grew up. After falling in love with the Scottish countryside, I bought myself my first SLR film camera and this is where it all began.

What is it that I like so much about taking pictures of natural landscapes? I like the feeling of being humbled by the beauty and majesty of locations. I also love the quality of natural light as it touches every part of a scene, especially during the so called ‘Golden hours’ and the challenge Scotland’s weather can throw by my feet. Do I have a favourite location? Not really; I am happy to be wherever there is beauty and beauty can be found all around me.

In 2011 I founded Landscape Photography Magazine. I am the editor and currently writing articles every month for the publication.


Landscape Photography magazine cover


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