Interview with Alex Tsepko, CEO of Skylum Software

Jack & John welcome  to the podcast Alex Tsepko, the CEO and Co-Founder of Skylum Software.  Skylum is the maker of several outstanding photo editing software packages, most notably Luminar 3, Luminar Flex, Aurora HDR and Airmagic.


Alex discusses the philosophy behind Skylum and it’s flagship product Luminar and how they are striving to eliminate non-value added tasks from photo processing through AI/Machine Learning to ease some of the mundane tasks of editing images. Alex introduces us to the latest major release, Luminar 4 which is due out this Fall.

If you don’t know about Skylum products, this podcast is definitely a must listen. Jack and John both use Skylum software and can attest to the power and ease of use of this software.

Visit the Skylum website to check out all of their great products


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