Interview with Mark Lewis from Prograde Digital

Jack and John interview Mark Lewis from the ProGrade Digital Inc. Prograde specializes in professional quality memory cards and workflow accessories for photography and video. Mark has been in marketing for over 20 years and part of that time was spent at SanDisk where he built the consumer marketing organization when it was an OEM-focused company and then most recently he was at Lexar running marketing for that organization.

The idea for ProGrade Digital started back in 2017 when the market for NAND flash started to tighten and manufacturers shifted focus from the removable storage market in favor of their enterprise business.  A core team of people from Lexar, that also built the business at SanDisk, decided to take their passion for this market and focus on the professional end of the market. – thus the name, ProGrade Digital. Listen in as Mark talks about the history, technology and future of ProGrade Digital and how it could benefit your photography or video projects.

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