Vent with Jack and John

A lighthearted look at a few of the things that bother us! Because we spend so much time in the field and on the road we get the opportunity to observe people in their natural habitat and have lots of time to think about things. This episode is dedicated to a few of the more interesting things  that we’ve witnessed or have thought about.  It’s a tongue in cheek look at the human condition related to photography.

Remember, these are only our opinions and we are trying to have fun with this, so don’t take it too seriously.  We will be doing another of these episodes in the future, so if you have any rants, we’d love to hear them and possibly discuss them in our next version of Vent with Jack and John.  Send us an email at with your suggestion.

Also, if there is any topic you’d like us to cover in future episodes, let us know.

The We Talk Photo podcast is dedicated to being an entertaining, informative and lighthearted discussion about a wide range of photographic topics.  Hosted by Jack Graham and John Pedersen, long time industry professionals, they will take bring you in to their conversations and stories as they share they collective experience in the photography business.